While the Everex Cloudbook has been getting mixed reviews for its funny trackpad and buggy operating system, there's at least one group of users who couldn't care less about these limitations: hardware hackers. Why complain that a computer doesn't come with GPS, Bluetooth, or more storage when you can just add your own?

Azazel over at the Cloudbooker forums has posted some pictures of his work in progress: a Cloudbook hack with an internal 4 port USB hub, a GPS unit, and a 4GB flash memory stick. He removed the Cloudbook's webcam to make some room on the inside, but I suspect that any day now we'll be seeing someone mod a Cloudbook to include a webcam, GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11n, extra memory, and perhaps an internal TV tuner for fun. OK, maybe not the TV tuner, but it looks like the Cloudbook's insides are relatively roomy and there's plenty of space for tiny USB add-ons.

[via Engadget]


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