While you can install OS X or Windows Vista on an Eee PC, the truth of the matter is the laptop does is much more comfortable running Linux or Windows XP, thanks to its underpowered 900MHz Celeron processor and relatively small amount of storage space.

But Engadget got confirmation that Asus and Microsoft do plan to make sure Windows Vista's successor will run on the Eee PC. Right now, the next Windows operating system has the catchy code name of "Windows 7." While it's not due out for another year (or three), Windows 7 is supposed to have a smaller kernel than Vista, which could make it a better choice for a computer without much storage, like the Eee PC.

Of course, by the time Windows 7 is released, flash prices may have dropped enough for Asus to cram a 32GB or 64G SSD into the Eee PC. OK, maybe not, but I can dream can't I?


OldElfin said...

It just gets better and better.

SvOlli said...

Please! The Windows XP Kernel has a size of about 2MB. If it's stripped down to just 256kB the space you're saving is just peanuts. And I don't think that the rest of W7 will be any leaner than the ugly Vista bloat.

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