It's always a good idea to take any news about a prereleased computer's specs or prices with a grain of salt unless they're listed on the the company website, and sometimes even then. Saltshaker firmly in hand, I reported a few days ago on a rumor that the Eee PC 900 would be getting a touchscreen, and possibly integrated GPS. Now Heise Online reports that Asus Germany is pretty much debunking that claim.

Honestly, I'm betting that Asus will offer a touchscreen option in the future, a GPS option, and any other options they can to squeeze a few extra bucks out of consumers. But even if the touchscreen would add just $10 to the price of a unit as is suggested by some of the rumors (although it's not clear if that's how much money it would cost manufacturers or customers), the whole point of the Eee PC is that it's a low-cost machine. Why add items that many users won't want if it drives up the price at all?

In other news, online retailer is accepting preorders for the Eee PC 900. The site is charging $569.99 for the 12GB Linux version, and $549.99 for the 8GB Windows XP version. AllAsus says both unit should be available in May.

Normally I'd say this will give us a pretty good idea of what the computers will sell for when they're actually released. But AllAsus doesn't even have images of the new models on its site. Instead they seem to have posted lightly Photoshopped images of the Eee PC 700 series. So I'm not sure they've got an official hookup.

[via Eee and Blogeee]


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