Everex has finally released a disc image with everything you need to restore a Cloudbook laptop to factory condition. While Asus has been shipping a restore disc with the Eee PC since day one, the Everex Cloudbook has not come with a similar disc.

These days it's not uncommon to buy a laptop without a restore disc, but I think it's especially important to include one when you're selling a Linux laptop targeted at mainstream consumers and not Linux ubergeeks. The simple truth is that while Linux is often touted as a more stable operating system than Windows, any time you find yourself using an OS you're not familiar with, there's a good chance you're going to mess something up without knowing how to fix it. A system restore disc is a nice option to have. And from a customer service standpoint, it's probably a lot easier to include a system restore disc than to have customers constantly shipping their "broken" computers back to you.

Anyway, right now you need to download a 1GB disc image from the Everex support site and burn it to DVD yourself. Hopefully in the future we'll see Everex include a disc in every Cloudbook box.

[via Cloudbooker]


Michael Boman said...

The problem is that the Cloudbook doesn't come with a CDROM drive either, so the better solution would be shipping the restore image on a bootable USB stick instead.

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