Want to get a bit more battery life out of your Eee PC? The current generation of batteries come in 4400 and 5200 mAh varieties, which tend to die after 2-3 hours of use. Asus plans to sell a 6-cell, 7800 mAh extended battery soon, which should give you a bit more power. But if you don't feel like waiting for Asus to begin selling extended batteries, you can pick a 3rd party battery on eBay today. Best of all, there are already 3rd party batteries with capacities up to 10400 mAh, which is reportedly enough juice to power an Eee PC for nearly 5 hours.

Asus hasn't announced pricing on its extended batteries yet, but plans to charge $99 for a replacement 4-cell battery. So it's probably a safe bet that the 6-cell version will cost a bit more. These 3rd party 10400 mAh batteries, on the other hand are available for about $64. They ship from China, so you may have to wait a little while to receive your package.

Note that the extended battery does jut out from the back of your computer, which will probably make it hard to fit your Eee PC in its slipcover or other tight-fitting case. But that seems like a small price to pay for a battery that can double your time away from a wall socket.


Travis said...

Have you or anyone else actually had a hands on with these new batteries? I hope they are better quality than that Chinese dog food ingredient was.

Brad Linder said...

I haven't tried it myself, but if you follow the link in the post you can read reports from members of the EeeUser forums who have used these batteries.

I'll probably be picking one up soon. Since the Eee PC 900 seems to use the same batteries as the 700 series, they should work in the Eee PC 900 I hope to order when they become available.

bskiles said...

I bought a both a 5200 and a 10400. I have let them both run completely out during normal use (wifi was on). The 10400 lasted for 6 hours, which was great. The 5200 lasted 2.5 hours. Shipping was really fast. I ordered them on Monday and they arrived in the US on Thursday.

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