It's official. The reason that Intel Netbook we've been seeing for the last few weeks looks so much like the Intel Classmate PC is because it's basically the second generation Classmate PC. Laptop Magazine got all the gritty details, and spent some quality time with the Classmate 2, which is aimed at educational markets.

As expected, Intel won't be bringing the computers to market itself, but will be working with third party manufacturers. The first model out will be the 2go PC from CTL. While the 2go, like the original Classmate is really intended for educational use (and has a child-sized keyboard that reportedly makes the Eee PC's cramped keyboard look huge), CTL plans to sell the 2go through The computer should begin shipping in mid-May.

So what's under the hood?

  • 900 MHz Celeron M processor
  • 512MB RAM, upgradeable to 1GB
  • The test unit Laptop Mag reviewed had a 30GB, 3600rpm hard drive, but the final version will reportedly have a 40GB, 4200rpm hard drive
  • 2 USB ports
  • 9-inch 800 x 480 pixel display
  • Intel 915GMS integrated graphics
  • Choice of Windows or Linux operating system
  • $400 or $500 price tag, depending on your choice of OS
  • Ruggedized case with a briefcase-style handle
  • Weighs 3 pounds
Best of all, while Laptop Magazine reports that the 2go/Classmate isn't going to win any speed demon awards, it gets a good 4 hours of battery life under real world conditions. My Eee PC, for comparison's sake, tends to conk out after about 2.5 hours.


Anonymous said...

2.5 hours, yeah, that's exactly how long it runs.

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