The folks at PC Perspective have put together a comprehensive look at the Windows XP version of the Eee PC, now available from Best Buy and other retailers. While the hardware is identical to the original Linux model, you do get a bit more than a change of operating system in the XP version.

First of all, Asus has included a full version of Microsoft Works, which is Microsoft's budget version of Office. Honestly, I'd recommend removing this application and replacing it with at your earliest convenience. takes up less space (Works eats about 400MB of precious disk space) and is more likely to be compatible with Office documents.

The XP version will also apparently be available at two separate price points. For $399 you can pick up a basic version with just Windows and nothing more. For $469 you also get a 4GB SDHC card, effectively doubling your amount of storage. It's not 100% clear from the PC Perspective post, but I think that extra $70 also gets you a cute little travel mouse. It's pictured in the first page of the article, and it certainly doesn't come with the original Linux version of the Eee PC. Plus I seem to remember Asus including a mouse when it started selling Windows XP versions of the Eee PC in Japan a while back.

[via Eee PC - Blog]


Anonymous said...

if you wanted open office, wouldn't you just stick with linux? presumably, if you want windows, it's so you can run microsoft office itself. there are a lot of specialized add-ons that only work with the "real" thing, like endnote.

Brad Linder said...

If you want Office, that's fine. But why settle for MS Works, which is barely even Office Lite?

I've been using and AbiWord on Windows for years with no complaints. But I've never had anything but trouble with MS Works. It's fine if all you're doing is creating documents for your own use. But if you want to share your documents with someone else, good luck.

Anonymous said...

I got the mouse with my 8G Xandros unit that I purchased last week.

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