It looks like Asus is preparing to sell a sexy new version of the Eee PC in Japan. The unit itself will pretty much be the stock 4G unit that we've come to know and love with a 900MHz Celeron processor, 4GB SSD, 512MB RAM and 7-inch display. But Asus plans to bundle a 4GB SDHC card and optical mouse with the Eee PC. Oh yeah, and they're also preloading Windows XP instead of Linux.

So what will a Windows license, memory card and mouse cost you? About $70. Asus is expected to sell the Asus Eee PC 4G-X in Japan for about ¥50,000 or $468 US.

Update: CNET adds that Asus could ship an Eee PC running Windows XP in the US as soon as February or March. No word on how much that model would cost or whether it would be bundled with an SDHC card or mouse.

[via EeeUser]


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