Like the idea of having a portable PC like the Eee, but wish it came with an always-available internet connection? French wireless carrier SFR is offering a 4G Eee with a bundled HSDPA modem for €299 or about $435 US.

The modem has to be connected to one of the Eee PC's 3 USB slots. While there is plenty of room inside the Eee case for a 3G modem, Asus has been shipping Eee PCs with a variety of internal configurations, which makes a USB modem the obvious choice. Plus it means that SFR doesn't have to muck around with the internal workings of the Eee PC. All they have to do is ensure that the modem works with the operating system and ship you the hardware.

Customers who sign a service contract will also get a €100 rebate.

The whole thing is a limited time deal, with only 1000 units available, and the offer ends on Wednesday. But hopefully we'll start to see more wireless service providers in Europe (and dare we hope, the US?) offer similar bundles soon.

[via The Register and EeeUser]


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